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The findings from basic research and the collaborative projects flow directly
into the development of our new products. An example of this Sterisafe® DURO A3,
the world's first sterilization container made of high performance plastic for the
sterilization of flexible endoscopes in STERRAD® low temperature plasma sterilizers.
Safe and economical in its use of materials, reduced downtimes and service costs.
Validated in 2010 by Johnson & Johnson ASP, Irvine with flexible endoscopes
made by R. WOLF.

Our experienced developers and designers do not just work on headline grabbing work
such as the sterilization of thermolabile medical devices, the development and the use
of optimised and functionally adapted polymer materials, in particular for plasma sterilization
as well as the construction of highly complex injection moulds.

The everyday focus of their work is the optimisation of the processes of sterilization,
storage and transportation of medical products in CSSD's or in private practices.
With our innovations we are always trendsetters on the market - something we are proud of.
You will find products developed and manufactured by us as OEM products
with our industrial customers.