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Grass-covered Honeycombs by Ing. Prestele® represent 20 years of experience
in the protection and permeablisation of walkways, parking areas etc.

  • Not sure if the grass-covered honeycombs are appropriate for your intended use?
    More information can be found at areas of application.
  • You already know other systems from the hardware store or from a neighbour?
    Compare the differences at product advantages.
  • You do not know whether the Grass-covered Honeycombs by Ing. Prestele®
    can withstand the weight of your truck?
    See the proofs under load-bearing capacity.
  • SYou think that installation is more difficult than in paving?
    See the opposite is true under installation instructions.

The high quality is guaranteed by our extensive consulting,
the exclusive use of pure, environmentally neutral materials
and our personal quality seal:

100% Made in Germany since 1994