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  • You are looking for a maintenance-free sterile barrier systems and
    packaging system that is suitable both for the steam as well as
    for EO, FO and plasma sterilization !
  • You want sizes from mini containers up to the size ¾ sterilization unit !
  • You need to sterilise with pH values > 10 !
  • You want an extremely durable sterilization container with low weight!

Our answer: The Sterisafe product group.

  • You are looking for storage that is flexible and safe !
  • You want to mechanically sterilize with minimum worktop areas
    and without 'rinsing shadows' !
  • You are looking for an affordable solution !

Our answer: The Toolsafe product group.

  • You want to see examples of what a highly customised and economical
    complete solution for cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, storage
    and transport can look like!

Our examples: Modularity systems.